African Clove

Cloves bud,
Madagascar: the crop is just starting. the forecast are between 6000 to 10 000 Mt. It seems to be too early to have a good idea on the market trend.
In fact the market is quiet since middle of July, Singaporean traders keep mute because they want decrease prices of African clove. Moreover they know that some malagasy shippers have still somes stocks of the previous crop. These shippers would certainly make retention to maintain the market at the same level of the previous crop.
Comoros: the crop is good – forecast approximatively 4000 mt – the local prices are stable since middle july but the export prices in USD has decrease a little bit because of the weakness of EURO against USD. The shippers advices that the crop will be finished soon at Anjouan. Most of the stock are in the hands of the collectors at the time being.
As the market is quiet since 2 months, we think that it is the good time to take some opportunities.